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Sports psychologist performance coaching and professional certification is available world wide by Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter. Here is a compelling story from one of my certification students, Jeff McMillan who is passionate about sports and making a living with it, getting sports performance results quickly with the Performing Edge coaching method.

To learn more about how you can do sports psychology performance coaching and become a certified Performing Edge Coaching Professional go here:

Sports Psychologist and sports psychology certification, Olympics, coaching training, Peak Performance mental training Expert, Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter,Sports Psychology Olympics: NBC-TV Interviewed me, as a Sports Psychologist and Performance Coach working on-site at the London Olympics doing  Mental Training with my athletes right before their event to enhance peak performance.  You can view me (Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter) in this video below in the NBC Studio doing an interview with Brent Cannon about my sports psych mental preparation work with athletes at all levels. Click on Play Area below to view video.

You can Become CERTIFIED to do sports psychology performance coaching and create your own successful practice doing what you are passionate about – Learn more about certified coach training at –

Get your complimentary training tips and coaching articles and templates at

Sports Psychology Tips: Ironman Mental Training – In this video you can view Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter’s World Championship Finish in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon and learn about the Olympic mindset and being in the Zone. 

Learn about Sports Psychology training and Certification here:

Learn more about Sports Psychology Certification training here:

Sports Psychology Coaching  – Sports Performance Expert, Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter talks about mental training for athletes, coaches, and sports parents.
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Press Releases – Contact:

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter – Sports Psychology Expert and Coach
Author of Your Performing Edge

Telephone: (650) 654-5500

February, 2011
“One of the nation’s top SPORTS PSYCHOLOGISTS is available to talk about the champion’s mentality and OLYMPIC THINKING.”

February, 2011
“Mental Toughness is a Muscle That Needs Exercise, Just Like the Muscles of the Body” — New Book Release

VIEW Dr. Dahlkoetter’s ABC-TV Appearances
Click here: TV Video Clips

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter a frequent expert guest on national TV and radio talk shows andhas completed over 300 media interviews. You can list her as a resource in your database for upcoming shows and stories as:

JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D., best-selling author of Your Performing Edge, CHAMPION ATHLETE, PERFFORMANCE CONSULTANT, and SPORTS PSYCHOLOGIST

Expertise Includes: Peak Performance/Sports, Health & Fitness/Stress/Weight Management/Personal Productivity

About Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter
JOANN DAHLKOETTER, PH.D, best-selling author of YOUR PERFORMING EDGE, medical staff member at STANFORD UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER, is an internationally recognized performance consultant, KEYNOTE SPEAKER, and WORLD-CLASS ATHLETE.

As a past winner of the SAN FRANCISCO MARATHON and 2nd in the HAWAII IRONMAN TRIATHLON, Dr. Dahlkoetter is a frequent expert guest on talk shows and has appeared on ABC’s WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS, and featured in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. She contributes to write for TRIATHLETE MAGAZINE and RUNNING TIMES.

Her work with OLYMPIC and professional athletes and top business executives gives her special insight into using the mind-body connection to achieve the best in personal performance.


Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter – Sports Psychology Expert and Coach
Author of Your Performing Edge

Telephone: (650) 654-5500
Email: info @ Website:

Performing Edge Coaching International
3341 Brittan Ave., Suite #10
San Carlos, CA 94070

Sports psychology performance: Coaching Certification  - sports psychologist Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter Sports Psychology Performance Coach Certification Training Video –
Become Certified – Create Your Peak Performance Practice Today!

* Create  your Thriving Peak Performance Practice
* Attract High Paying Clients
* Do what you are Passionate About

For questions or support or to apply – Contact our Office:
Phone: (650) 654-5500 Email:

* Would you like to create a Successful Practice or Business in Peak Performance Coaching or Sports Psychology?
* Would you like to work with athletes of all ability levels including Professional or Olympic athletes?
* Would you like to make a strong, financially secure income doing what you have are passionate about?

Become a Certified Performance Edge Coaching Professional

Enhance Your Coaching Skills or Professional Practice
Join us! Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter’s PECI Certification Program!

Performance Edge Coaching International
Certification / Mentorship Program

If you would like to build a successful practice working with athletes or fitness oriented clients at many levels, who are motivated, intelligent, and inspiring, or you want to maximize your clients’ and athletes’ potential, or if you would like to move into the area of performance coaching/sports psychology, you may have the opportunity to become a Performance Edge Coach!

You will be personally trained by one of the world’s leading Sports Psychologists from Stanford, with several Olympic Gold Medalist clients who has worked on-site at the last 4 Olympic Games, as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. You will learn how to work behind the scenes in preparation for major competitions and for athletes at all levels.

Performance Edge Coaching Professional Certification provides powerful strategies to give athletes a leading edge for consistently improving their performance. Our program offers a broad spectrum of exclusive benefits:

What are the Unique Advantages of PECI Certification/Mentoring?

• Customized program for your professional practice
• Distance Learning, Self-paced via Teleconference, Video Training, Email, and Web
• Accessibility: Consultations with Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter
• You learn how to build a lucrative career adding Performance Edge Coaching to your business
• Conference Q and A calls – Get your individual questions answered
• Practical applied sport psychology techniques you can use right away

• Training in MARKETING your BUSINESS – building a successful practice
• A step-by-step program which you can begin using with your clients
• Access to case studies where Dr. JoAnn is working with a live client
• You can start or continue building your practice after only 3 months of study
• You can incorporate the PECI skills as an extension of your current practice or business

“Dr. JoAnn, You have a level of experience, that’s palpable and easy for athletes to understand. Your presence and your enthusiasm are very contagious. You make learning fun. It’s easy to incorporate your Performance Edge techniques with my clients and athletes. This is a great way to go about the practice of sports psychology, which compliments my personality and allows me to build my Peak Performance practice quickly.”

Dr. Nick Garcia – Certified Performance Edge Coaching Professional, Graduate

One Key PECI Training Module that is Missing in Most Programs

HIGH PAYING CLIENTS – Attracting them to Your Practice

Creating ways for them to find you
How to attract them
How to move them into your practice
How to get them to your first session
How to keep them long-term
How they can refer other high paying clients to you
Creating an endless stream of high paying clients

As you are personally trained by Performance Edge coach and sports psychologist Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, the PECI certification program will offer you the
the ability to skillfully and effectively work with high paying clients and all levels using techniques that work and are supported by real life results and are empirically researched.

Our comprehensive and in-depth programs are offered in two formats:

• One-on-One certification (in person or via the phone)
• Group teleclasses certification (tele-conference technology)

How does the PECI Program Work?

To be trained as a Certified Performance Edge Coaching Professional (PECP), takes 6 weeks for level one, or an additional 12 weeks for level 2 if would like to do advanced level training. We will meet once a week for a telephone consultation. In addition to weekly learning sessions, there will be approximately 15-25 hours of homework assignments, which include reading materials, client/athlete evaluations and application of skills based upon actual client/athlete situations

During this program, you will work with real athletes, receive case studies, get hands-on experience in dealing with real-life challenges and receive written articles, assessments, and develop treatment plans to ensure that you have the tools necessary to be an effective Performance edge coach.

By the end of the program, (when you have completed all requirements for graduation, (including passing the certification essay exam,) you will receive a certification from Performance Edge Coaching International as a certified Performance Edge Coaching Professional and will be able to use the PECP title and certification seal and earn a listing for clients referrals on as a certified PECP.

What Tools and Techniques will I have Access to?

• YPE Comprehensive Learning System – A Step-by Step Coaching Training Program
• How to do Your Performance Edge Coaching with a variety of client types
• How to apply YPE coaching techniques to Enhance your Practice or Business
• Performance Edge assessment tools
• Use of Dr. JoAnn’s Athlete’s Profile to help you identify an athlete’s or team’s mental game strengths and weaknesses
• The YPE workbook including exercises to teach you how to identify athlete roadblocks and obstacles that influence performance,
develop mental skills, and improve teamwork and communication
• 12 real-life case studies focusing on a various challenges in sports psychology and Dr. JoAnn’s coaching for each athlete
• Marketing tools
• Business building tools
• Performance Edge Templates for every part of your business
• Checklists for tracking goals, client homework, and assessments
• Specific handouts for coaching with the Your Performance Edge method
• Training on Speaking at seminars to gain new client referrals
• A binder of YPE articles
• Client session forms
• Post-Event assessments
• Examples of pre-program questionnaires you can use before you give a seminar
• A list of books, audios, and other resources you can purchase to enhance your mental game coaching knowledge
• A subscription to site with all member benefits

What are the Requirements to Get Started?

• Experience as a coach, therapist, athlete, or trainer in your area of expertise; or advanced degree in psychology or counseling psychology;
Personal understanding of the psychological demands of your sport
• A desire to learn about Your Performance Edge and sports psychology coaching
• Ability to utilize and apply what you learn to real-life sport situations
• Have access to individual clients, athletes, or a colleague or a team you can work with or train
• Good communication skills

What are the Benefits once I am Certified?

When you achieve the high level of PECI Certified Performance Edge Coach
you will be entitled to these benefits and services each year you maintain PECI certification

(This is a $7500 value)

REFERRALS: A listing on as a Certified Performance Edge Coaching Professional in which you are eligible to receive referrals for clients and speaking engagements in your area of expertise. Active referrals of interested individuals searching for a Certified PECP Coach – available through the PECI website

CREDENTIALS: Certificate of completion as a Certified PECP Coach

SUPPORT – CONTINUING ED: Ongoing support and tips through our website, to provide continuing education, keys on trends and advice on implementation of coaching in difficult situations

ACCESS to ONGOING RESOURCES: to Dr. JoAnn for questions via email on coaching questions, and discounts on our Performance edge tools, resources, and more

AFFILIATES: The right to become an Affiliate and make a consistent income by providing the Performance Edge products to your clients

LICENSE to ADVERTISE: Right to advertise as an PECP certified coach

LOGO: Right to use proprietary and copyrighted PECP Certified Performance Edge Practitioner logos on your web site and letterhead designating you as an PECP-Certified Coach in good standing

RE-CERTIFICATION – To maintain PECI certification, and the privileges that come with PECI certification, PECI certification participants are required to pay an annual PECI recertification renewal fee which includes ongoing updates with the latest information and trends in the field. Ask about our recertification renewal fee.

And many more benefits to come!

What Practical skills will I Learn in this Program?

How to do Performance Edge Coaching
How to build a thriving practice in sports psychology
How to attract an endless stream of ideal clients
How to market your practice and make a consistent lucrative income
How to be a successful coach and sports psychology consultant

Plus, when you trained as a Certified Performance Edge Coaching Professional (PECP), you’ll learn to master the latest strategies you can use to help athletes increase energy and productivity, build confidence; maintain focus; increase team cooperation; improve communication skills; and maximize performance.

What about the Tougher issues that I may face in my practice?

In this mentorship program you will have all the necessary techniques and experience needed to enhance teams or individual athletes at any level of competition – including the junior, high school, college or professional, and adults who want to improve their lifetime fitness. For example you’ll learn about:

GOALS: How to determine truly realistic goals for each athlete
ASSESSMENT: How to decide what types of techniques work best with certain athletes
PERFORMANCE: Dealing with slumps, injuries, and bad performances
ANXIETY: 5 ways to handle “choking” or a lack of concentration.
COACHES: How to work with difficult coaches
ENERGY: How to gauge the right pre-event energy level for your athlete
VISUALIZE: 7 guidelines for effective mental imagery
TEAMS: How to deal with team dynamics
EMOTIONS: How to work with athletes that have deeper personal issues (anxiety, etc.)
EATING: What to do with athletes who have an eating disorder
EVALUATION: How to evaluate progress in your athlete’s performance

What Specific Components and Topics will I Learn and Practice?

The curriculum is customized within each PECI certification level according to the needs of each student. The Performance Edge principles and techniques in the YPE book will be explored in greater depth, emphasizing how to deliver each of these techniques effectively to clients to promote better performance, health, satisfaction, and faster recovery. You’ll learn the YPE method which can be adapted to your own coaching style for your particular client population.

Introduction to The Your Performing Edge Method
Performance Edge Model of Coaching
Ethics and Professional Standards
Performance Edge Assessments
Performance Edge Tools and Resources
Building and Marketing your Successful Practice
Attracting a Consistent Flow of High Quality, Well-paying clients to your business
Creating the Healthy, Well-Balanced Lifestyle for yourself as a Professional

You will learn techniques to coach your clients with these specific areas:


Journey to Excellence
Performance Edge Principles
Creating an Inner Desire
Olympic Thinking: An Inside View


Mindfulness: Conscious Breathing and Relaxation
Positive Imagery: Visualize to Energize
Power Words: Language for Success
Visionary Goals: Tools for Motivation


Confidence Boost and Self-Image Building
Concentration: Focusing Your Energies
Belief in Yourself: Managing Your Inner Critic
Secrets from top CEO’s and Olympians


Understanding Performance Anxiety
Dealing with Pain and Negative Energy
Embracing the Challenge: Putting it All Together
Lessons in Excellence: Losing and Learning
Preventing Performance Slumps, Injuries, & Burnout


Listening to the Wisdom of the Body
Healing Mental and Physical Wounds
Managing Difficult Emotions
Active Women: Body Image and Weight Issues


Creating Balance in Your Life
Nutrition for Optimal Performance
Attitude Adjustment in the Aging Process
Putting Performance in Perspective: Positive Coaching
Fitness and Sports as a Metaphor for Life

What will I walk away with?

• Identify challenges affecting an athlete’s performance
• Communicate effectively with athletes by asking the right questions
• Administer and interpret athlete assessments
• Determine strengths and weaknesses of athletes
• Develop a Performance Edge coaching plan for individual athletes and teams
• Deliver one-hour seminars to teams on achieving peak performance
• Integrate Performance Edge skills into an athlete’s regular training routine

What are the Options & Fees?

•          Elite Group Coach Certification Training Program: $1797.00  Early Bird Discount  $997.00 – Application Deadline Feb 22, Course Starts Feb 24, 2011
In Feb. This is the
most affordable this course will ever be. Limited spaces available. This course is filling up quickly. Apply now (below) to reserve your place in this long awaited elite coaching program.

Ask about our Payment Plan. Send an email to
or call us at  650-654-5500
This special fee is offered only for this current course only until Feb 22, 2011, and will be substantially increased for the next course. Have questions? Send us an email or call, we’ll respond right away.

Please include your phone number in your email, so we can follow up and answer all your questions. For fastest response, in your email Write in your email SUBJECT LINE:  Certification

*           Price will increase for program after Feb 24, 2011

•           One-on-One Certification program:– $3997.00 Beginning Feb 24, 2011

•           Get started now! Complete your application below, click submit and also send an email to info @

Is there a Guarantee?

Our program has 100% money back guarantee for the first 2 modules. We want to make sure you are well-trained and successful.
We stand behind our program and will do everything possible to get you to your goals.

For questions or support or to apply – Contact our Office: and Fill out our Application Below (no fee to apply)

Performing Edge Coaching International Association
Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter – Sports Psychology Expert and Performance Coach
Author of Your Performing Edge
Telephone: (650) 654-5500
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Performing Edge Coaching International Association
3341 Brittan Ave., Suite #10
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