Performing Edge Coach Questions and Answers – FAQs

Question:  I need help setting up my site.  Do you have anyone you recommend?

I highly recommend Cathy Perkins, The WordPress Wizard for website work. I use her for all my website design and as my webmaster.

Cathy Perkins is the premiere expert on WordPress that I trust to create and design my websites. She is absolutely the most phenomenal web consultant and webmaster I have the opportunity to work with.

“As an NBC-TV OLYMPICS expert guest, Your Performing Edge best-selling author, Stanford trained sports psychologist, professional speaker, coach to OLYMPIC Gold Medalists, and SF Marathon winner, I look to Cathy Perkins as THE leading, most up-to-date  Word Press expert in the world, whom I rely upon solely to create the professional image I need for my websites. She has been a tremendous support and inspiration for me in my professional speaking, coaching, national media, and athletic career.him

If you have a chance to work with Cathy Perkins, do it . She takes each business relationship seriously, and she communicates extremely well to the “non-techquie” in non-technical language. She is by far, the most dedicated, most reliable, and knowledgeable web consultant I have ever met. I cannot say enough great things about The Word Press Wizard – highly recommended, 2 thumbs up!!

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, OLYMPIC Performing Edge Coach