Performing Edge Coach Spotlight

Meet one of our most recent Certified Performing Edge Coach graduates.
Wayne is doing extremely well with his Performing Edge global coaching practice, working with endurance athletes all over the world. Wayne recently competed in the Deca Ironman in Mexico, completing 10 Ironmans over 12 days!

Meet Wayne Kurtz!

Wayne Kurtz Certified Performing Edge Coach
Deca Ironman Triathlete, PECP

Wayne Kurtz is the founder of (, the world’s largest, free, online, multi-discipline, racing resource – “Helping Endurance Athletes Build Exceptional Race Calendars,” and Endurance Racing Report –which has worldwide endurance race profiles and training advice reports (; and – which is a comprehensive training resource for athletes. Over the last 25 years, I have tested myself and triumphed over hundreds of endurance race events. I thrive on the adrenaline, and feel an un-paralleled passion about the challenge, strength and endurance required not just of the physical body, but the test of my mental stamina to hang in there, and confront all the obstacles. The thrill of the stick-to-it mentality to keep going even when I am physically exhausted, allowing my mind to take over, pushing to never give into physical defeat, is why I am so passionate about this sport.