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Mindset Tools to Perform and Feel Your Best

E-Books Download – Performance Psychology Business Success E-Books for Professionals
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Performance Psychology for Your Performing Edge E-Book – by Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

E-BOOK – 2

Olympic Thinking – Performance Psychology Coaching for Business Professionals – by Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

Your Performing Edge Visualization Audios:

Your Performing Edge CD Cover

Your Performing Edge  Visualization Audio – Track 1 – Introduction

Your Performing Edge  Visualization Audio – Track 2 – Energizing Your Mind and Body

Your Performing Edge  Visualization Audio – Track 3 – Confidence Building for your Business Success

Your Performing Edge  Visualization Audio – Track 4 – Focus to Perform Your Best in Business & Life

Your Performing Edge  Visualization Audio – Track 5 – Recovering and Healing Quickly from Stress

Your Performing Edge  Visualization Audio – Track 6 – Balancing your Life and Business



Here’s What You’ll Learn with these tools, E-books, and Audios ……

Create the right mindset to perform well consistently in your business
Discover the winning strategies of world champions
Mentally rehearse key skills you’ll need to succeed in marketing
Gain new motivation and inspiration to take risks with clients
Align your goals with your vision
Build a healthy, fit, balanced lifestyle
Create rock solid confidence
Energize your mind and body
Heal and recover quickly from stress/overwhelm
Focus your effort – Be calm and centered
Feel well prepared – Be a peak performer!