“Anything is possible. You have to believe and you have to fight.”

– Lance Armstrong, Interviewed in “Your Performing Edge” book

7-Time winner, Tour de France, cancer survivor

“Dr. Dahlkoetter and I appear as keynote speakers on the same platform at national conventions. She has the education, state-of-the-art knowledge and ‘hands on’ experience to put youat the top in the game of life.”

Dr. Denis Waitley, Bestselling author, “The Psychology of Winning”

Former Director, US OLYMPIC Committee, Sports Medicine Council

“Dr. JoAnn’s program helped me to become an Olympian.”

“I worked extensively with Dr. Dahlkoetter as my performance coach during the Olympics and I became the U.S. Olympic Trials champion using her Your Performing Edge book and audio CD’s.”

– OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST – Stacy Dragila, Pole vault

“Dr. Dahlkoetter worked closely with me for four years as my personal coach leading up to the Olympics. Her “Your Performing Edge” program can help you build confidence and gain an edge and reach a new level.”

– OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST,  Misty Hyman, 200-meter butterfly

“Dr. JoAnn’s Your Performing Edge is the ultimate program for optimal mind-body performance for any
life endeavor.”

– OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Women’s marathon

“…..Your Performing Edge programs by Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter are filled with lessons

from champions you can apply to your own life right away.”

– Jack Canfield, NY TIMES bestselling co-author,

Chicken Soup for the Soul, and The Success Principles.

“Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter’s book is loaded with great ideas for both mental and physical conditioning and peak performance. It shows you how to get more out of yourself than you everdreamed possible.”

Brian Tracy – NY TIMES bestselling Author, Goals!

“We are all in the race of life. To win it, we need to know what the champions do and use their models. Read this compelling book. Allow Dr. JoAnn to show you how to have super health,super fitness, super success and a super life.”

– Mark Victor Hansen, NY TIMES bestselling author,

Chicken Soup for the Soul