Performance and Sport Psychology go well together every day, when you’re an athlete or a coach. One of my Performing Edge Coach trainees, Wayne Kurtz is a world class athlete currently competing in the World Deca Ironman Championships in Monterrey, Mexico. He is presently in 3rd place and looking very strong. And Yes, it’s a very long…long race that goes on for 10-12 days continuously! He is using the Performing Edge Coaching principles he has been learning the PECI coach certification program. He listens to  custom visualizations on his IPOD throughout the even, and he says it really helps him focus, and stay motivated and strong throughout the race. Stay tuned for more updates on Wayne’s Deca Ironman. He should finish around Thanksgiving Day!

The athletes compete while doing the distance of10 Ironmans, while the clock keeps ticking. So that’s a 24 mile swim, 1200 mile bike ride, and 262 mile run. Unimaginable to most people.