Module 1 – Performing Edge Coaching Principles


You will receive access to 1 Module per week. Each person needs to complete the homework assignments within that week, and complete all assignments within 8 weeks to complete the course and become Certified.  (Right-click to download file)

Module 1 – Executive Summary – Action Guide
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Assignments are Listed at bottom of Action Guide


Module 1 – Training Call Replay

In this Presentation you will learn:

  • Unique Benefits of Sports Psychology Performing Edge Coaching
  • Performing Edge Principles – Giving you an Edge over the Competition
  • Athlete Case Study – “Look over my Shoulder”  Behind the Scenes
  • Expanding your Horizons – Making Recurring Income with Coaching
  • Visualization Exercise – Your Thriving Coaching Business

Fill out the Coach Course Questionnaire in the file below.
This questionnaire is very important so we can customize the course for you give you the exact program and expert advice you need to reach your goals.

Coach Pre-Course Questionnaire (Right-click to download)


In the book Your Performing Edge – Read Chapter 1 and 2
Answer the Chapter Questions in the File below

Chapter 1 Questions -Your Performing Edge Book (Right-click to download)

Based on the Performing Edge Principles in Chapter 2:
Write Your Performing Edge Story –

What’s your own peak performance or “breakthrough story” that you can share with your clients?

After listening to the Ironman story, (on the Call Replay) you’ll understand how powerful this story telling technique is. Identify and create your personal signature story that you can share with your clients and use in your speeches. It could be a major breakthrough in your life, or a “heart story with emotion” or a story where you learned a key life lesson, or anything that’s important to you. Then email your story to Dr. JoAnn.



MP3 – VISUALIZATION Exercise for your Coaching – Click to listen

Listen to the Audio Replay,  and also listen to the short MP3 Visualization Exercise in this link above. Close your eyes, go through the Visualization exercise, below. Then write down your Vision of your ideal practice/business. Bring all 5 senses into your experience. Write down new insights that you may have,  and actions you want to take starting today. Then email your visioning ideas to Dr. JoAnn, so we can customize the course for you and help you even more with your goals.

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