MODULE 2 –  Performing Edge Coaching Model 

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Module 2 – Training Call Replay  (Right-click to Download)

Executive Summary – Action Guide – M2  (Right-click to Download)

Visualization Pre-Assessment  Exercise  (Right-click to Download)

Module 2: In this presentation you will learn:

  • Essential Tools of the Trade
  • 3 P’s of Performing Edge Coaching
  • Positive Images – Power Words – Present Focus
  • Performing Edge Coaching Principles – Part 2
  • Overview of PEC Coaching Process
  • PEC Model of Coaching
  • Athlete Case Study – Recovering from Sports Surgery
  • Visualization Exercise – Using Your Senses



1) Your Performing Edge Book – Read Chapters 3 and 4
Chapter 4 – Creating an Inner Desire – Is key for motivating your Clients
Also appeared as Dr. JoAnn’s feature article in Running Times Magazine


2) Pre-Visualization Assessment – Look in the Members area Module 2 to Download for this form
First fill out this Assessment for YOURSELF

Thinking of your own peak performance, so you can experience this.
Email your Pre-Visualization Assessment responses to me before Thursday.
Then, one week later you can give this same Pre-Visualization Assessment to your practice client


3) Practice Coaching Client – Take this week to Think of a client, friend, family member, or colleague –
Set up a practice coaching appointment with this person for one week from now (by phone or in person)
No need to do the assessment yet, just find your person, and set up the phone appt.

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