Module 3 – Attracting High Quality Clients – Coaching Model

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REPAIRS Performing Edge Coaching Model 
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Module 3 -Training Call Audio Replay (Right-click to Download)

YOUR PERFORMING EDGE Book – Chapter 6 Questions (Right-click to Download)

In this Presentation you will learn:

  • Marketing your Business with E-Books and Articles
  • Visualization Pre-Assessment: Working with your Practice Client
  • REPAIRS Performing Edge Coaching Model

Each one of these steps represents a stage in both the overall coaching process

and in most individual coaching sessions.

R – Relationship
E – Evaluation
P – Productive Focus
A – Action Plan
I – Imagery Experience
R – Responsibility
S – Support

ASSIGNMENTS for this Week

Read chapter 5 and 6
Answer the questions for chapter 6. Download the question in Module 3.

Practice Client – Give your Practice Client your Visualization Pre-Assessment – Download it from Module 2. Ask them the questions verbally, write down their responses, and email them to me, we’ll use them for you to create your Custom Visualization MP3 File for them next session.

To prepare to make your MP3 file, This week I want you to
Download AUDACITY, A FREE software program
Go here –
Download this Version 1.2.6

DO NOT use this Version 1.3.12 (beta) as it’s in Beta testing and may still have bugs
Go through the Tutorials in the program to learn about how to use it.
It’s very simple. I’m not a technical person myself and even I learned it easily!
If you have trouble, ask a teenager to help you, or anyone under the age of 25-30

HEADSET – Buy a headset with microphone that plugs into your computer
At any electronics store, very inexpensive (if you don’t have one already)

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