Module 4 – Performing Edge Coaching Process, Techniques and Tools

Course Downloads, Audios and Assignment Links

Performing Edge Coaching Visualization Process
Creating Custom Visualization MP3 Audios
How to Differentiate your Practice and Attract High Quality Clients

Module 4 NEW Training Call Audio Replay (Right-Click to Download)

Module 4 Training Call Audio Replay (Right-Click to Download)


Your Performing Edge Book – Chapter 7 Questions (Right-Click to Download)

TEMPLATE: Visualization Exercise Creation – PECI (Right-Click to Download)

Visualization POST Assessment Form (Right-click to Download)

(Details for Post Assessment in M4 Summary – Guide Document)

In this Presentation you will learn:

  • Coaching with the 3 P’s of Your Performing Edge
  • Visualization Process: How to create an Imagery MP3 from Start to Finish
  • Pre-Assessment Form: How to gain the best information from your clients
  • Imagery Process: Taking your client through the full imagery experience
  • Post-Assessment: Debriefing afterward – Learning, reflection and action
  • Converting Inquiries to High Paying Clients: Getting them to say yes


Assignment #1 – Your Performing Edge Book – Read Chapter 7
Answer Chapter 7 questions – Download questions above

Assignment #2 – Practice Client Visualization Exercise
A) Meet with  your Practice Client where you do the actual Visualization for them using the Process outlined in the Module 4 Training Call.
B) Email me your Pre and Post-Visualization Forms with your client’s responses after the Exercise, and send me YOUR experience, feedback, and ideas doing this exercise and your questions as a COACH.

Assignment #3 – Record your Client Visualization

You may use any recording program
(e.g on your Phone, or Garage Band on the Mac, or Audacity for PCs)

for AUDACITY UPDATE -New Version

Go to: and Download NEWER  version 

UPDATED AUDACITY INSTRUCTIONS – If you use Download the Instructions from the website above and practice recording your voice.
(Even if you are not able to record it yet with Audacity, do the exercise with your client to practice)

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