Module 7 – Marketing: Building your Coaching Practice

Course Downloads, Audios and Assignment Links

Module 7  Training Call Audio Replay (Right-click to Download)

M7 – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – ACTION GUIDE (Right-click to Download)

COACHING AGREEMENT – Sample Contract (Right-click to Download)

PREPARED to be COACHED – Assessment Form (Right-click to Download)

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to market to athletes even with sports you are not familiar with – How to look professional
  • Interviewing athletes and coaches – How to get your foot in the door
  • Testimonial Formula – How to get great testimonials from your Clients
  • Social Media– Using Social Media to market and skyrocket your business
  • Video Marketing  – How to film and upload videos for free
  • Script for your Videos – How to structure them and what to say
  • Article Marketing – Writing for 2 sets of eyes (for humans and search engines)
  • Facebook and Twitter – How to Find athlete clients for your practice
  • Gatherings – Going to sport events or expos, networking and speaking at events
  • Timeline for Coaching Session – Breaking session into segments
  • Pricing: How to set up a Pricing Structure for your coaching program
  • Coaching and payment Models – What works and what doesn’t
  • Re-purposing your Material – Work once, get paid many times for the same material


Make a list of 10 ways you can market to your particular niche to bring in new clients to your coaching practice (hopefully you’ve gained new ideas from the Call Audio Replay)
Develop and describe each idea with action items and a timeline for implementation


Write down 3-5 topics (or more) you’d like me to cover on our next call  and in our Ongoing Trainings and email them to me, so I can make sure I meet your needs and answer your questions, and give you the  specific mentoring that you need  for your coaching development.


Your Performing Edge Book – Read Chapter 9



Module 8 – Training Call Audio Replay (Right-Click to Download)

EXAM – Performing Edge Coach Certification – Test Questions (Right-click)

Automate your Email, Bookkeeping, Marketing & Client Payments – I’ve used this Tool successfully 7 years:

Try it FREE here >

Mental Training Logbook – Part 1 – How to Design your Training Journal (R-click)

MP3 Visualization for Healing – Dr. JoAnn working with World Record Holder

Ongoing Mentoring and Certification program for your Continuing Learning
to Enhance and Assure your Success and Ongoing Income (more info on this shortly)

You can contact me to find out more about what’s ahead for you

1 Mentoring Call Replay  (Right-click to Download)

A “Must see”  –  In our BONUS Training-Mentoring Call you will learn how to:

  • 15 Ways to Make a Strong Recurring Income – Doing what you Love
  • Blueprint for Coaching Success – Taking Client through Entire process
  • Set up your Sales System – For coaching and client pulling products
  • Facebook + Email Marketing – Building your GOLD MEDAL Client List
  • Assignments for Your Clients – How to Keep them engaged
  • Client Inquiry Follow-up System – Communication ideas that Work
  • Rapid Content Creation – To bring in new clients
  • Set up a Private Protected area on your Website
  • Get found by the Search Engines – Free Social Media Marketing tools

In Module 8 Presentation  You Will Learn:

  • Marketing on Shoestring Budget
  • How I Rank #1 on Google/YouTube without spending a dime, cost – $00
  • Injured Athletes and Healing – Case Study of a World Record Holder
  • How to Position Yourself – The magic words that draw clients to you
  • Big News Publicity – How to be the Expert in  Athlete Current Events
  • How to Get Technical Help -Free or Low Cost
  • Coaching Contract – Nuts and Bolts
  • Ethics – Setting Boundaries

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