Module 8 - Performing Edge Coaching System

In Module 8 Presentation Here You Will Learn:

  • Marketing on Shoestring Budget
  • How I Rank #1 on Google/YouTube without spending a dime, cost – $00
  • Injured Athletes and Healing – Case Study of a World Record Holder
  • How to Position Yourself – The magic words that draw clients to you
  • Big News Publicity – How to be the Expert in  Athlete Current Events
  • How to Get Technical Help -Free or Low Cost
  • Coaching Contract – Nuts and Bolts
  • Ethics – Setting Boundaries

Ongoing Mentoring, and Certification program continues after you are Certified, if you would like ....

  • 15 Ways to Make a Strong Recurring Income – Doing what you Love
  • Blueprint for Coaching Success – Taking Client through Entire process
  • Set up your Sales System – For coaching and client pulling products
  • Facebook + Email Marketing – Building your GOLD MEDAL Client List
  • Assignments for Your Clients – How to Keep them engaged
  • Client Inquiry Follow-up System – Communication ideas that Work
  • Rapid Content Creation – To bring in new clients
  • Set up a Private Protected area on your Website
  • Get found by the Search Engines – Free Social Media Marketing tools

Ongoing  Mentoring, Training and Certification

NEW >> Ongoing Mentoring Call Replay (R-click to download)
Rapid Content Creation – 40 Templates – for eBooks, Articles, Blog posts

Ongoing Mentoring Call Replay 6-9-11 (R-click to download)
On this call >> E-Books Part 2 – Get your E-book on Kindle, B&N. & your Website

ONGOING Mentoring – Call Training Replay 5-26-11 (R-click to download)
On this call >>  1) E-Books – Easiest free way to get Leads and Recurring Income
2) Drugs in Sports – your role in coaching recovering athletes

ONGOING Mentoring – Training Call Replay 5-12-11 – Visualization techniques

BONUS Audio – Dr. JoAnn interviews Dr. Andrew Colyer – Productivity Coach

Module 8 – Training Call Audio Replay 4-21-11 (Right-Click to Download)

ONGOING Mentoring – Training Call Replay 4-28-11 (Right-click)

EXAM – Performing Edge Coach Certification – Test Questions (Right-click)

Automate your Email, Bookkeeping, Marketing & Client Payments – I’ve used this Tool successfully 7 years:
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Mental Training Logbook – Part 1 – How to Design your Training Journal (R-click)

MP3 Visualization for Healing – Dr. JoAnn working with World Record Holder

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