PECI Training in Sport Psychology is different than any other program as it addresses the missing components that you as a coach need to be successful in your practice:

  • Customized program for your professional practice
  • Distance Learning, Self-paced via Teleconference, Video Training, Email, and Web
  • Accessibility: 1-on-1 consultations and mentoring
  • You learn how to build a lucrative career adding Performance Edge Coaching to your business
  • Conference Q and A calls – Get your individual questions answered
  • Practical applied sport psychology techniques you can use right away
  • Training in MARKETING your BUSINESS – building a successful practice
  • A step-by-step program which you can begin using with your clients
  • Access to case studies where Dr. JoAnn is working with a live client
  • You can start or continue building your practice after only 3 months of study
  • You can incorporate the PECI skills as an extension of your current practice or business

“Dr. JoAnn, You have a level of experience, that’s palpable and easy for athletes to understand. Your presence and your enthusiasm are very contagious. You make learning fun. It’s easy to incorporate your Performance Edge techniques with my clients and athletes. This is a great way to go about the practice of sports psychology, which compliments my personality and allows me to build my Peak Performance practice quickly.”

Dr. Nick Garcia – Certified Performance Edge Coaching Professional, Graduate