Friday, Sep 25, 2020
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Sports Psychology and Mental Game – can it win World Cup Soccer? As Sports Psychologist, I was just interviewed on HuffPost Live discussing how elite soccer players are using mindset and mental game training in the World Cup in Brazil. View this motivating interview video here:


World Cup Soccer is a tough international competition, field but off the field there another type of game going on – an inner mental performance game. In this HuffPost Live interview Dr. JoAnn discusses how mental preparation and staying in the present can shift what happens in the game. Want to learn more about how to become certified as a sports psychology coach/consultant and make a good living doing what you love? Sample our sports performance training program here and apply here today:    

Sports psychology coaching and mental skills training play an important role in the World Track and Field Championships which are going on now in Moscow, Russia. This is a “must watch” sports psych Olympian interview that I just did at the World Champs. in Russia

During the World Championships, I (Dr. JoAnn) got to interview Olympian Shannon Rowbury on-site in Moscow, talking about our sports psychology work together as she’s preparing for her peak performance in the 5,000 meters.  Listen to this quick audio to understand how you can mentally rehearse for your peak performances in life.

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Sports psychologist performance coaching and professional certification is available world wide by Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter. Here is a compelling story from one of my certification students, Jeff McMillan who is passionate about sports and making a living with it, getting sports performance results quickly with the Performing Edge coaching method.

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Sports Psychologist and sports psychology certification, Olympics, coaching training, Peak Performance mental training Expert, Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter,Sports Psychology Olympics: NBC-TV Interviewed me, as a Sports Psychologist and Performance Coach working on-site at the London Olympics doing  Mental Training with my athletes right before their event to enhance peak performance.  You can view me (Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter) in this video below in the NBC Studio doing an interview with Brent Cannon about my sports psych mental preparation work with athletes at all levels. Click on Play Area below to view video.

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