Section 1. Purchases and Return Policy

All purchases are final. There are no refunds and no returns. Any exchanges for defective merchandise must be made 15 days after date of purchase. All CDs, DVDs, online materials, books and programs are non-returnable, as this is the Standard policy for the media industry.

When making a purchase from Your Performing Edge or Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter you may be asked to supply certain personal information, including credit card, debit card, or other payment mechanism information. You agree that all information you provide in connection with such purchase will be accurate, complete, and current. You agree to pay all charges incurred by users of your credit card, debit card, or other payment mechanism at the prices in effect when such charges are incurred.

All payments will be by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or by Electronic Debit. By purchasing Your Performing Edge products or services you are giving Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter the authority to debit your credit card account/bank account for all fees owing. Any disputed debits will be exclusively dealt with under the policies and procedures of the particular credit card company.

Section 2. Products, Services and Results

By using the Material and Products of Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, you agree that the services and products provided by Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter and the results obtained from the efforts and recommendations of Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter are not guaranteed to improve performance, income, health, fitness or specific earnings.

Unless otherwise written in our agreement(s), Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter does not guarantee that any portion of the Web Site or work which it performs or suggests to be implemented via its articles, teleclasses, books, videos, CDs newsletters, resources or any other information will increase performance, income, or specific earnings as a result of working with Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter.

By utilizing the Material and Products of Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, you acknowledge that your results will depend on variables and factors outside our control including, but not limited to: user motivation, user capabilities, user health and fitness, user compliance with our recommendations and suggestions, and other factors which neither party has control over.

Section 3:  Scope and Limits of PECI Course and Program

The PECI Performing Edge Coaching International program is a stand-alone online distance learning course, that offers one specific Certification, as a Performing Edge Coach. Each person completing the course receives a PECI Certificate verifying their completion. The PECI program and its ongoing training calls does Not include any type of supervision, mentoring or documentation for an individual or of an individual’s work with clients. All other outside programs are separate entities and independent from the PECI program. The training, the hours and materials in any part of the PECI program cannot be used for credentialing or as hours, training or supervision, mentoring or documentation to qualify for any other certification or any other program, as the PECI course does not include any internship program or any type of direct supervision or mentoring.

The PECI program and the group calls are for informational and educational purposes only and do Not constitute supervision or mentorship of any kind. The PECI program does Not provide training in psychotherapy or counseling. This training focuses solely on performance coaching for sports, the performing arts, and business.

Individuals who may be seeking any type of supervision, mentoring or documentation of their work, need to do this separately, outside of the PECI program, and work independently with someone in their local area for this purpose, where the supervisor works in their same local area and can regularly observe and document their work locally.

Performing Edge Coaching International Association
Ongoing Training and Certification Program

Ongoing Training and group support for a small investment…

Once you’ve completed the course, you also receive Performing Edge Coach Training membership access, including certification and membership in the Performing Edge Coaching International Association, (details below). You receive access FREE for your first 30 days – my gift to you!

This allows you to get the full benefits from your Performing Edge Coach training, including email updates, access to online audio archives and mastermind group connection for 30 days in May at no extra charge.

Now, after your 30 days of bonus membership ends, your Performing Edge Coach membership will  renew,  with your permission, and you will be Grandfathered in for the low price of $97/month, billed to your credit card, for ongoing access. (As long as you remain a member, your price will never increase!) Soon this fee will go up for others who are just starting to $97/month but because you are Charter Members, yours will always remain at only $97/month. (a fraction of what I usually charge for coaching – $1,000-$5,000/month, and Keynote speeches – $20,000).

Keep in mind: there is no long term contract. I personally believe it is our responsibility to prove to you that your Performing Edge Coach Training membership is invaluable to your business and growth. If at any time you don’t feel you’re getting great value for this small monthly fee, just let us know and we’ll cancel your membership immediately.

Here’s the high level training, private members-only access, coaching community, and wealth of resources you’ll continue to receive (Your coaching library & tools will be growing every month):

Includes: PECIA Certification, Membership & Ongoing Training Program

Once you complete the Performing Edge Coaching System intensive course, you will be able to present yourself to the market as a Certified Performing Edge Coaching Professional® and be listed on the PECIA website for referrals as a certified member of the Performing Edge Coaching International Association. This added feature gives you great credibility and a competitive edge on the market.

This includes your right to use PECIA membership certification logos in all of your marketing materials. It also includes membership in our exclusive PECIA elite coaching group, where you can attend our regular Live consulting calls, get your questions answered, and exchange ideas with our members. You get unlimited access to the wealth of materials on the PECIA website. You retain this membership, certification, the consulting calls, ongoing support, and right to use the logos as long as you remain a member of Performing Edge Coaching International Association.

Includes: Two Elite Group Training Calls per Month = Training and Support

You’ll get free access to our live Members-only PECIA Seminars. Twice per month I personally conduct a private teleconference training to help you improve your Performing Edge Coaching, grow your business and your marketing skills.

Can’t attend live? Miss a teleseminar? You’ll be able to ask your questions in advance as well as Access all recordings of the Teleconferences on the PECIA members-only website!

Includes: Premium Listing on our PECI Association website for Referrals

The website gets thousands of visitors looking for you and your business. We feature your website, bio, your products-services, your specialty areas, and contact information.

Includes: PECIA Private Website Knowledge Base Access

You get unlimited access to the PECI Private Website – Members Only area. We have a Huge growing Library of training resources – including course materials, assessments, video training, coaching audios, business building tools, athlete exercises, templates, client phone scripts, visualization MP3 files, case studies, performance profiles, and a wealth of in-depth training to build your coaching business.

Every Teleconference I conduct, every question I answer for our members, and every recommendation I make is posted to our vast PECI Knowledge base. Plus over 30 years of coaching-business strategies and educational materials I’ve developed are in the members’ area. And we’re always adding more. Search, read, view and listen to both the marketing and coaching sections as much as you want! It’s all there for you.

Includes: Valuable Email Q & A Coaching = Training & Support

You’ll be able to ask your questions through email to enhance your progress. You’ll get personalized feedback on your coaching I’ll personally answer your questions, provide custom tools, guidance, encouragement and offer training and support for your exact needs. In short, I’ll model the training you’ll be providing to your clients.

Includes: Get High Quality Clients – Action Plan = Recurring Income

Get the behind-the-scenes coaches consulting notes and “Get Clients Action Plan.” Hours of coaching supplement training to further hone your already professional coaching skills and teach you how to get more rewarding coaching clients easily, who are high level, enjoyable to work with, and stay with you longer.

Includes: Customizable Templates, Assessments, Exercises = Coach Toolbox

No need to re-invent the wheel! We’ve got dozens of documents and resources we’re adding every week to the Private members-only website that will shorten the learning curve and save you time in the development of your coaching business. If we don’t have what you’re looking for on our PECI members-only website, we’ll get it for you! (within reason, of course).

Includes: Global Elite Community of Coaches

As a member of PECIA you are part of our International community of Performing Edge Coaching Professionals. You can share ideas as you continue to get ongoing training and support. You can always get the help you need to be successful.

Includes: Access to Leading Experts in Coaching & Business & Marketing

You will receive ongoing training from Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter and other leading edge experts on our Teleconferences and Consulting calls, getting professional advice so you can increase your confidence, avoid costly mistakes and succeed in your coaching business much more quickly. We’ll also be doing interviews with OLYMPIANS, and marketing-business experts.

Includes: Customizable PECI Workbook – Coach/Client Action Plans

Over 30 years of careful workmanship has gone into this client and coach guide. We’ll be adding elements each month. We’ll show you how you can customize the manual to include your branding and to prepare your clients to learn about other products and services you offer.

Includes: Blueprint – Become a Published Author, Pro Speaker, Media Expert

Premium Training and experience in how to become a highly paid speaker, published author, and media correspondent so you can charge higher coaching fees, and be the in-demand expert in your industry. I’ve spoken for audiences of 10,000, I’ve been on Oprah and NBC-TV, I’ve worked on-site at the Olympics, and I can teach you how you can duplicate my success – all the behind-the-scenes strategies I’ve learned that can get you to exactly where you want to be.